Just breathe

...we were here together. I'm still here. Home.

February 6, 2011

The Daydream Line

A flying lady in a loose blouse with long soft hair. 
The communication room with a sink full of vomit?
Vomiting is right, if you retrieve with purity.
An unannounced empty space isn't real.
Believing is real.
When we scratch the heads that are connected,
we can separate.
For it's not the thoughts that count, 
it's the counting of thoughts that we secretly like to have invisibility from.
When we are invisible, 
I am 3 inches from your face.
White walls are blank on purpose, because when you turn on sounds,
the walls become crowded with that particular moment.
Each wall becomes four people.
16 personalities surround you, and your the bed.
All of them eating only nothing but people with crossed legs.
Old couples at a disco rave can microwave and relay your deluxe shave,
so you can save and tame the bath-water you bathe in.
I cannot handle my dog gurgling in someone else's spit. 
Only her thighs can open up her voice for a selfish man who wont touch her.
Tell me, what do you want?
The secretion of a sexy mountain. 
Im pretty sure i just wet myself in front of all these staring office officials that are stapled to sticky notes and stuck to faxing printers.
What a cliche boundary, 
that light hits in that exact spot so i can have realization of something that can help.
I love the angle of that taxi when it drives up my imaginary New York themed road. 
My face seems to shrivel during a complex movie. 
Yeah.. i wonder if i can put a 'stop motion' influenced hand, inside a thermometer to see the after effect of a black hole.
Maybe if you weren't so naked, 
i might be able to concentrate on your sub conscious discomfort.
In and out.
In and out. 
In and out.
A shrub
In and out.
In and out.
In and out.
Various kinds of half-crushed pills and a friend thats one thousand miles away.
In and out with luggage.
In and out with stamps.
In and out with envelopes.
I wanna lay. 
I wanna feel it.
It's an alright phrase.
Although, gimme some baby!
We all have a symbolic infant living amongst ourselves.
I wouldn't say how raw jumping off something would be, 
although my teeth grind when kids can play and i couldn't.
Wow, what a nice jacket.
Her shoulders look smooth and sturdy.
A voice like hers can put a knight in shining armor to anyone she chooses.
That house has a splendid entrance.
Her face causes me to have schizophrenia,
i cant stop seeing her.
It feels like we...
"Earth to Steven, are you there?"
"Uh... sorry, i was just-"
"You were just day dreaming again, Steven? About what? Oh i know, world domination and a lot of hot girls!"
"Umm... no? maybe.. uh.. i guess so?"

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  1. White walls are blank on purpose. Loooove that.