Just breathe

...we were here together. I'm still here. Home.

February 12, 2011

Persona House

An image we can keep looking on.
The temporary zone is a forehead pointing downward.
If it's an environment that's not pleasing,
then why adjust?
Loosing the skinny freshness is usually an upward.

When I dump bottles of water on already made pasta,
I often discover success.
Any occasion of double rear view mirrors being used,
then we can be settle to each other once again.

Come visit me.
One room that remotely controls our ego.
Flaired out verbs demonstrate who we are with.
Follow me into the kitchen where pots sit on forks,
because that is who we are together.

What's hanging in your closet?
My skin is on the bedframe that will end up in the closet.
Perfectly simple.
Abstract assumptions from good advice that we don't take.
So i use soap.


The lisp of today has an erected two day temperature of yesterday.
The tone of the living room table,
is held by the tone of your voice.
Mother may I?
I promise I won't scratch the cookie jar.
Don't worry.
The hallway isn't on fire yet.
We all have green in flesh tones.

When I enter my room.
I feel sincere.
Specific texture can spawn furniture.
Hence why i eat.
Please come.
Come in vertically.
So i can tell you to lie down.
Tell me what's wrong.

Hands in front of a black cloth.
With perfect artifical light.
Contemporary models that can hold each other in the laundry room.
Lets both go to the color '1'.

Walk with me through all these rooms.
Meeting me in a new era with a new face.
It's the choice of chance.
Every room is a new person.
In the same house.

Close the door behind you without scissors,
unless your cutting ties with me.  
When i know we are going to make snow flakes throughout the house.

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